"From the heroes of the past" & "Moscow is behind us" (Wartime songs and songs about the war)

Year by year we are becoming increasingly further from the events of the Second World War and there are less and less among alive those who brought our motherland the Great Victory … But the memory, simple human memory exists. We cannot help remembering stories of our forefathers, cannot help knowing our history, cannot help loving melodies of those times. Amazing by its beauty and dramatic inside, these songs are valuable for all generations: those who went through the war, those who only heard about it, a new generation should be brought up at these songs. That is why the program “From the heroes of the past” became one of the first programs of the Art-project “The Tenors of the XXI century”; it includes wartime songs and songs about the war written by the best Russian composers after its ending. Each soloist of the project was grown up on these songs. It is enough to say that Dmitry Sibirtsev’s whole family - grandfather, uncle, father - have devoted many years of their life to the Red Army song and dance Ensemble named after Alexandrov. Alexander Zakharov started his career in this renowned collective as well as Eduard Semenov sang in the ensemble in the Far East early in his life. Even before that moment when the Art-project “The Tenors of the XXI century” was created, Alexander Bogdanov, Maxim Paster, Mikhail Urusov and Alexander Skvarko had sung wartime songs at Irina Arkhipova Foundation.

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Repertoire of “The Tenors” now has two programs dedicated to the Second World War: “From the heroes of the past” and “Moscow is behind us”. The program “Moscow is behind us” was specifically prepared and first presented to Moscow audience at the Lenin Russian State Library in 2007 on occasion of 65th anniversary of the Great Battle of Moscow; then in 2012 it was performed in several cities of Moscow Area. In 2008 “The Tenors of the XXI century” proposed Symphonic Moscow orchestra “Russian philharmonia” to perform the program of wartime songs which got its name “From the heroes of the past”.

For this concert, wonderful composer and conductor Pavel Ovsyannikov made arrangements of songs by V. Soloviev-Sedoy, M. Blanter, A. Novikov, I. Dunaevsky, Y. Milutin, M. Fradkin, N. Bogoslovsky, A. Pakhmutova, Y. Martynov, J. Frenkel and other distinguished composers. Besides, Pavel Ovsyannikov conducted the first show of the program “From the heroes of the past” at the Moscow International House of Music. Hereafter, joint concerts of “The Tenors of the XXI century” and “Russian philharmonia” were conducted by Sergey Kondrashin and Sergey Tatarin. One of those concerts was broadcasted a few times at “MIR” TV-channel. Over the last years the program “From the heroes of the past” is increasingly performed with folk orchestras. Concerts with National Academic Russian folk orchestra named after Osipov (conductor - Vladimir Andropov) and State Russian orchestra “Malachite” (conductor - Victor Lebedev) had a great success.

“The Tenors of the XXI century” are the permanent participants of numerous gala-concerts dedicated to the Victory Day, the Great Battle of Moscow, the Day of Russian Army, Memorial Day and days of Russian cities liberation from fascist occupiers, the Anniversary of the End of the Siege of Leningrad. These concerts take place at the most prestigious venues: the Red Square, Poklonnaya Hill, the State Kremlin Palace, Concert Hall “Rossiya”, the Square of Belorussky railway station, Russian Army Theatre, Gostiny Dvor. During these celebrations of the Great Victory “The Tenors of the XXI century” are divided to the small groups and as “front-line teams” give several concerts per day in Moscow parks and cities of Moscow Area.

The years are rolling, the cast of the project is changing by different reasons but each new soloist easily enters to the collective's “wartime” repertoire maintaining its traditions and bringing new colors. In the season 2015-2016 “The Tenors of the XXI century” will again give a performance of the program “From the heroes of the past” in Moscow. Meanwhile, in December 2016 they will present a new show of the program “Moscow is behind us” on occasion of 75th anniversary of the Great Battle of Moscow.