The 3rd CISM World Winter Games
27.02.2017 09:23

Today “The TenorS of the XXI century” art-project will perform in the Closing Gala concert of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games, that are being held in Sochi. 
During yesterday’s rehearsal Alexander Bogdanov, Alexander Zakharov, Dmitry Sibirtsev and Alexander Skvarko tried to get used to the quite unusual acoustic conditions of the Ice Palace.  It turned out, that only one song (it will be "Funiculi, funicula") can take much more energy and nerves than any solo concert. Tonight’s broadcast on the “Match” TV channel will show if The TenorS managed to get through all hazards and difficulties and perform on the highest level in front of brilliant sportsmen – the winners and medalists if the CISM World Winter Games.