Prince Myshkin
14.02.2017 07:51
Tonight the soloist of “The TenorS of the XXI century” Stanislav Mostovoy will perform in the premier production of "The Idiot" by M.Weinberg on the stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre. Stanislav will be playing the lead  - Prince Myshkin. We are wishing our friend the best of luck!


Saturday night
11.02.2017 10:42

Tonight the soloists of “The TenorS of the XXI century” art-project are invited to participate in the “Saturday night” TV program shooting for the “Russia 1” channel . The TenorS will perform "Volare" and "Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano". After a highly successful  debut on the “Saturday night” with "Funiculi, Funicula" and "Io Piango",  the art-project received the offer of further cooperation with the program.  We are very pleased to say that tonight, the soloist of the LEIPZIG OPERA Sergey Pisarev will be joining us for this shooting and in the nearest future he will come back for good to work with “The TenorS” on a regular basis.


11.02.2017 10:42

Tonight in the Novaya Opera one of the most interesting musical pieces of the second half of the XX century will be performed- “REQUIEM” by Andrew Lloyd Webber the famous author of “CATS” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. George Faradzhev will sing the part of The Tenor for the first time. Good luck with the debut, George!



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