Force majeure
11.02.2017 10:40

Last night, just before the “Gamblers” performance, Alexander Skvarko who was suppose to sing the part of Ikharev, suddenly felt himself very badly  and couldn’t go on stage.  We are very grateful to Mikhail Gubski who covered for him. When the ambulance came, doctors went through all the necessary procedures  and eliminated the threat  of  surgical  interference . Alexander was prescribed the cure and rest.  In this regard, we regret to say that Alexander will not be participating in our next concert on the 14th of February.


"The Romanticism of the Romance" once again
10.02.2017 11:57
Yesterday "The TenorS of the XXI century" art-project had a solo concert in the frames of "The Romanticism of the Romance" TV program on the “Culture” channel. Together with the instrumental group (Maxim Biryukov, Mikhail Khokhlov, Arseny Guryanov) the best compositions of the art-project were performed.
It has been the third solo evening of the "TenorS" on “The Romanticism of the Romance". The first two were dedicated to the songs of Arno Babajanian and the Soviet Tango.
Photo: "The TenorS of the XXI century" and the host of the evening Ekaterina Guseva and Evgeny Kungurov.
In memory of Evgeny Kolobov
19.01.2017 09:46

Today in the Mirror Foyer of the Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre a concert in memory of Evgeny Vladimirovich Kolobov (the founder of the Novaya Opera Theatre) will take place. In tribute of Maesro's Birthday, the soloists who had the honour of working with him and who he personally invited to the theatre troop, will perform in the Mirror Foyer. The solioists of "The TenorS of the XXI century" art-project - Alexander Skvarko and Alexander Bogdanov will be among them.


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