One more "Boris Godunov"
19.01.2017 09:44

Today the Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich) start the reheasals of the "Boris Godunov" by M.Musorgsky, where Maxim Paster, the soloist of "The TenorS of the XXI century" art-project, performs a part of Prince Shuysky- it is one of the best Maxim's parts, he has performed it in two productions of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, other Russian Opera Houses and abroad. Kent Nagano, a distinguished conductor, chose Maxim to participate in the "Boris Godunov" CD recording, which will take place in March 2017 in Sweeden.


"Mariinka" once again
17.01.2017 08:54

Today Stanislav Mostovoy will be visiting his home town, where he was born and grew up - Saint -Petersburg.
He is performing a part of Elvino in the concert production of "La sonnambula" by V.Bellini.
Stanislav has performed it quite a few times in the Bolshoi Theatre, but one can never get enough of the brilliant Bellini's music.
Good luck, Stanislav!


Luggage adventures
16.01.2017 08:41

Maxim Paster and Dmitry Sibirtsev came back from the Netherlands where they had a concert in the Russian Embasssy. The trip went fine , apart from the fact, that Maxim's luggage with all his costumes was lost in the airport of arrival. The situation was far from pleasant, for the next day Maxim had to fly to Munich for the "Boris Godunov" production.Luckily, it was found before Maxim's flight to Germany. Apparently, it is the third time this year that something goes wrong with the luggage :in July, when we were coming back from Israel, Alexander Zakharov's suitcase was lost for good, and sometime before that we had to spend a few stressful hours, when all the project's equipment was lost somewhere in Paris and arrived to Venice only when we had to fly back.



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