The season is over!
31.07.2017 12:27
Our 11th season came to an end!
The strongest ones, who haven't gone on holidays and stayed for the last concert of the season were Alexander Zakharov, Stanislav Mostovoy and Dmitry Sibirtsev. Sasha and Stas will have short holidays starting from the 1st of August.  It was great to have our brilliant instrumental group with us yesterday - Max, Misha and Arseniy.
The next 12th season we will open on the 12th of August in the State Kremlin Palace,  where we will sing during the closing ceremony of the World Army Games.
Don't forget that in August we will also perform the PASSION TANGO in "The roof of the world" (27) and our first solo concert The Council Hall of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (30).
And now - two weeks of holidays!
Working hard
31.07.2017 11:37
In beetween the "Tenors" concerts, our soloists  work as well. For example,  Stas Mostovoy and Maxim Paster went on a tour with the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre. Just a few days ago Stanislav performed in the concert version of "Eugene Onegin" in Aix-en-Provence.  And Maxim is in Salzburg with  the "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District.
“The Amber Nightingale” can be shut down.
31.07.2017 11:36
Maxim Paster calls his First Prize, that he received on the International contest of Chamber Singing “The Amber Nightingale”, one of the most important and honourable from all his rewards.  This contest also gave Dmitry Sibirtsev a brilliant opportunity to meet and to create a few chamber programs with many wonderful singers.
Today , it was reported, that the President of “The Amber Nightingale” Valery Aliev announced, that the contest might be shut down.
It is very sad to understand, that  the “The Amber Nightingale” became unwanted now, during the Jubilee (100) year since Zara Dolukhanova’s (whose name the contest is bearing) birthday.
25 years ago the great Irina Arkhipova came up with the idea of its creation. Maria Bieshu was a member of the contest’s jury for many years. So many exceptional and great people were there!
We simply have to keep “The Amber Nightingale” safe!

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