Sometimes they gather, and then you have a possibility to touch a miracle...

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Dmitry Sibirtsev

Laureate of International Contests.

Laureate of the prize of Irina Arkhipova Foundation. (2003)

Dmitry Sibirtsev is a graduate of the Ural State Conservatory named after M.Mussorgsky (the class of professor Larisa Kutsenko, 1995). He began his artistic career as pianist. Since 1996 he acts as pianist and accompanist in vocal and instrumental ensembles with outstanding Russian and foreign masters of the Opera scene, such as V.Chernov, A.Vedernikov, M.Palm, B.Yatich, T.Gugushvili, A.Sibirtsev, N.Usenbaeva, A.Abdrazakov. Also he work with young “stars” like M.Kazakov, T.Shtonda, Y.Yanishevsky, K.Norvelis, V.Baykov, A.Kiselev, M.Guzhov, P.Kudinov, M.Davydov, M.Paster, M.Urusov, A.Zaharov, E.Manistina, A.Shagimuratova. Dmitry Sibirtsev is a constant participant of almost all musical and opera festivals in Russia. He was awarded with Diplomas of more than ten all-Russia and International competitions like “The best accompanist”.

Dmitry Sibirtsev is the author, organizer and art director of an idea of the opera festival “The Basses of the XXI Century”. From 2002 till 2006 he was the musical director of Irina Arkhipova Foundation. He was the member of the jury of International vocal contest named of Glinka (Chelyabinsk, 2005), Open all-Russia contest of young performers “The sun is shining for everybody” (Sochi, 2006, Moscow, 2007). He toured to more than 70 cities of Russia as well as USA, Canada, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine. Since 2006 he is the art director of “The Tenors of the XXI Century”, in programs of this art-project he acts as singer and pianist.

Dmitry Sibirtsev is awarded with the prize of “National Treasure” and gold medal of “Service to Art” for the contribution to the development of art and successful producer activity. Since the October of 2012 Dmitry Sibirtsev is a Director of The Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow.